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Professional Op-Eds (July 28, 2011 - April 14, 2014)

Below is a list of the 205 professional op-eds that I have had published over the last thousand days or so (992 if you're counting).
“The Tea Party and the Debt Ceiling Debate”
The Express Times (July 28, 2011) 

“The Tea Party and the Constitution” 
The Morning Call (August 15, 2011) 

“Rick Santorum and Gay Rights"
 The Morning Call (October 2, 2011) 

“Civil Rights History in High School Education” 
The Express Times (October 3, 2011) 

“An Agenda for Occupy Wall Street” 
The Newark Star-Ledger (October 14, 2011) 

“Extremism in the 2012 Republican Primaries” 
The Morning Call (November 21, 2011) 

“On Obama’s Economic Policies” 
The Morning Call (December 14, 2011) 

“Why Elena Kagan Should Not Recuse Herself from Health Care Law Hearing” 
The Morning Call (February 1, 2012) 

“Why Ron Paul Appeals to the Millennial Generation” 
The Morning Call (February 24, 2012), PolicyMic (February 24, 2012) 

“On Supporting Abortion Rights” 
PolicyMic (February 28, 2012) 

“On Mitt Romney’s Mormon Background” 
PolicyMic (March 4, 2012) 

“Memo to Ron Paul and Glenn Beck: America's Founders Were Not Anti-Government” 
PolicyMic (March 8, 2012) 
* - This editorial was republished on October 2, 2013 as "Government Shutdown Question: Would the Founding Fathers Fight Liberalism?"; see below.

“Defending My March 8th Editorial” 
PolicyMic (March 12, 2012)
The editorial by Michael Suede that prompted my rebuttal:
My rebuttal: 

“Health Care Reform and the Anti-Injunction Act” 
PolicyMic (March 14, 2012) 

“The Republican War on Women” 
PolicyMic (March 22, 2012) 

“On Somali Terrorism” 
PolicyMic (March 27, 2012) 

“Arlen Specter’s Horrendous Stand Up Comedy” 
PolicyMic (April 1, 2012) 

“Ron Paul Supporters and Neo-Nazis in the Military” 
PolicyMic (April 3, 2012) 

“Barack Obama’s Legacy: Part One – Comparison to John Kennedy” 
The Morning Call (April 30, 2012), PolicyMic (April 30, 2012), CNN (April 30, 2012) 

“Soliloquy of an Insomniac Writer” 
PolicyMic (May 3, 2012) 

“How To Tell If You’re An Ideologue” 
PolicyMic (May 5, 2012) 

“Satire: Confessions of a Freedom-Hating, Tax-Loving, Marriage-Destroying Liberal” 
PolicyMic (May 10, 2012) 

“Movie Review for ‘The Avengers’” 
PolicyMic (May 18, 2012) 

“Why Mitt Romney is a Coward” 
PolicyMic (June 6, 2012) 

“The Failures of Romneynomics” 
PolicyMic (June 11, 2012) 

“Feminist Musings of a Fat Man” 
PolicyMic (June 17, 2012) 

“Movie Review for ‘Auschwitz’” 
PolicyMic (June 28, 2012) 

“Barack Obama’s Legacy: Part Two – After the Supreme Court’s Health Care Reform Ruling” 
PolicyMic (June 28, 2012) 

“The Top Ten Political ‘Twilight Zone’ Episodes” 
PolicyMic (July 3, 2012) 

“Why Mitt Romney Should Not Choose Tim Pawlenty As His Running Mate” 
PolicyMic (July 11, 2012) 

“The Political Ramifications of Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Psychological Disorder” 
The Morning Call (July 13, 2012), PolicyMic (July 13, 2012) 

“Why Ron Paul Should Denounce Anti-Mormon Pastor” 
PolicyMic (July 14, 2012) 

“Mitt Romney Bain Scandal: Everything You Need To Know” 
PolicyMic (July 15, 2012) 

“ABC News Wrongs Tea Party in Coverage of ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shooting” 
PolicyMic (July 21, 2012) 

“Sarah Palin’s Flawed Condemnation of Pro-Gay Rights Chick-Fil-A Boycotters” 
PolicyMic (August 1, 2012) 

“What Voters Should Know About Romney's Middle-Class Tax Hikes” 
PolicyMic (August 3, 2012) 

"Mitt Romney Selection of Paul Ryan Declaration of War Against Middle Class" 
PolicyMic (August 11, 2012) 

"Why Tom Head and Todd Akin Contribute to the Dumbing of America" 
PolicyMic (August 24, 2012) 

"A Feminist Interpretation of Catwoman" (co-authored with Cady McClain - 
PolicyMic (August 28, 2012) 

"The Digitization of a Historic New Orleans Newspaper" (co-authored with Cady McClain - 
PolicyMic (August 29, 2012) 

"Why Media Has Responsibility to Cover RNC Racism" 
PolicyMic (August 29, 2012)

"Barack Obama Must Ask $2,000 Question"
The Morning Call (September 6, 2012), PolicyMic (September 6, 2012) 

"Romney 47 Percent Hot Mic Comments: This Proves Just How Wrong He Is For The American Presidency"
PolicyMic (September 18, 2012)

"Obama vs. Romney: Mitt Romney 47 Percent Gaffe Proves He is Too Conservative to Be President"
PolicyMic (September 23, 2012)

"Max Hell Frog Warrior: What A Web Review of a Z List Movie Tells Us About Internet Freedom"
PolicyMic (September 25, 2012)

"Latest Presidential Polls 2012: Data Shows the Romney 47 Percent Comment Has Taken Serious Toll"
PolicyMic (September 26, 2012)

"Obama vs. Romney Debate Prediction: Romney Will Be Declared the Winner"
PolicyMic (October 3, 2012)

"Who Won the Debate Tonight: Romney is Winner for the Media, Big Loser is Moderator Jim Lehrer"
PolicyMic (October 3, 2012)

"VP Debate 2012 Predictions: Joe Biden Will Be Declared Winner of the Debate"
PolicyMic (October 11, 2012)

"VP Debate Winner: Joe Biden Won, But the Big Loser is President Obama"
PolicyMic (October 11, 2012)

"Presidential Polls 2012: Obama Gaining Huge Momentum to Be Reelected in November"
PolicyMic (October 12, 2012)

"What Time is the Debate: Obama Needs to Unmask Flip Flopper Romney to Win Debate"
PolicyMic (October 15, 2012)

"Presidential Debate 2012 Prediction: Why Obama vs. Romney Debate Will Be a Tie"
PolicyMic (October 16, 2012)

"Who Won the Debate Tonight: Obama Excels, Romney is Testy"
PolicyMic (October 16, 2012)

"Presidential Debate Prediction: Why the Foreign Policy Debate Will Be a Tie"
PolicyMic (October 22, 2012)

"Who Won the Debate: Obama and Romney Tie in an Uninspired Foreign Policy Debate"
PolicyMic (October 22, 2012)

"Pennsylvania Polls: Obama Holds On To Lead, Thanks To Republican Extremism"
PolicyMic (November 4, 2012)

"Electoral College Map: Obama Will Win, See State By State Breakdown"
PolicyMic (November 6, 2012) 

"Top 4 Reasons Why Exit Poll Results Are Completely Meaningless"
PolicyMic (November 6, 2012)

"Obama Wins Reelection, But Democrats Should Show Grace in Aftermath of Victory"
PolicyMic (November 7, 2012)
Jesse Merkel, my "opponent" in offering a prediction for the 2012 election, wrote this piece about me after the fact:

"Chris Christie Avoids Fat Jokes About Twinkies... And Real Talk About Unions"
PolicyMic (November 19, 2012)

"Happy Birthday Joe Biden: Tribute to the Man Who Helped Obama Get Reelected"
PolicyMic (November 20, 2012), The Morning Call (November 20, 2012)

"Petraeus Affair: Democrats and Republicans Both Find Bipartisanship in Infidelity"
PolicyMic (November 27, 2012)

"Fiscal Cliff Deadline: 5 Reasons We Should Celebrate Republicans Opting for Higher Taxes"
PolicyMic (November 29, 2012)

"Fiscal Cliff 2013: Mitt Romney Has A Chance To Be The Hero"
PolicyMic (November 30, 2012)

"Ted Cruz 2016: The Critical Reason the Texas Senator Will Not Be President"
PolicyMic (December 1, 2012)

"My Lifelong Struggle With Asperger's Syndrome"
PolicyMic (December 17, 2012)

"Second Inaugural Special: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson"
PolicyMic (January 9, 2013)
"Second Inaugural Special: James Madison and James Monroe"
PolicyMic (January 11, 2013)
"Second Inaugural Special: Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln"
PolicyMic (January 12, 2013)
"Second Inaugural Special: Ulysses Grant and Grover Cleveland"
PolicyMic (January 13, 2013)
"Jodie Foster Golden Globes Speech is Among the 5 Greatest Award Speeches in History"
PolicyMic (January 14, 2013)
"Second Inaugural Special: William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt"
PolicyMic (January 14, 2013)
"Second Inaugural Special: Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge"
PolicyMic (January 16, 2013)
"Second Inaugural Special: Franklin Roosevelt"
PolicyMic (January 17, 2013)
"Second Inaugural Special: Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman"
PolicyMic (January 19, 2013)
"Second Inaugural Special: Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson"
PolicyMic (January 19, 2013)
"Second Inaugural Special: Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan"
PolicyMic (January 20, 2013)
"Second Inaugural Special: Bill Clinton and George W. Bush"
PolicyMic (January 20, 2013)
"Second Inaugural Special: Barack Obama"
PolicyMic (January 21, 2013)

"'Gay Dog' in Tennessee Might Be Killed"
PolicyMic (January 31, 2013)

"Gay Rights 2013: Why This Year is Going to Be Pivotal"
PolicyMic (February 4, 2013), The Morning Call (February 4, 2013)

"5 Underrated Songs That Blow Today's Pop Music Out of the Water"
PolicyMic (March 4, 2013)

"Obama Has Failed to Live Up to Previous Statements about Marijuana Decriminalization"
PolicyMic (March 10, 2013)

"Hugo Chavez's Real Legacy is One of Vicious Anti-Semitism Against the Jews of Venezuela"
PolicyMic (March 10, 2013)

"Mississippi Anti-Bloomberg Law: Complete Hypocrisy"
PolicyMic (March 21, 2013)

"There's Nothing More Pathetic Than a Pennsylvania Bigot in 2013"
PolicyMic (March 23, 2013), The Express Times (March 23, 2013)

"Jay Leno: Ph.D. Student Watches 'Tonight Show' and Laments"
PolicyMic (March 25, 2013)

"Colorado Passes Domestic Violence Gun Ban Law"
PolicyMic (March 30, 2013)

"Google Doodle: Cesar Chavez Picked Over Easter, But It's Not A 'Snub' to Christians"
PolicyMic (March 31, 2013)

"Pennsylvania Desperately Needs Rick Santorum Right Now"
PolicyMic (April 15, 2013)

"Justin Bieber's Anne Frank House Controversy: In Defense of Stupidity"
PolicyMic (April 15, 2013)

"Right-Wing Terrorism Was Enabled and Ignored By Conservative Pundits, GOP"
The Morning Call (April 15, 2013), PolicyMic (April 16, 2013)

"Boston Marathon Bombing Was Plagued By Media Irresponsibility"
PolicyMic (April 20, 2013)

"'All My Children,' 'One Life to Live' Return 2 Years After Cancellation - Online"
PolicyMic (May 1, 2013)

"Ted Cruz 2016: Presidential Run Would Put Birthers in a Bind"
PolicyMic (May 18, 2013), The Morning Call (May 20, 2013)

"Tom Coburn and Republican Senators Repeatedly Opposed Disaster Relief Funds"
PolicyMic (May 21, 2013)

"Why Today's Democrats Are Not Like LBJ"
PolicyMic (May 23, 2013)

"Joe Biden Gaffe: VP's Jewish Comments Were Not Anti-Semitic"
PolicyMic (May 25, 2013)

"George Zimmerman Trial: Release of Trayvon Martin Text Messages is Racist and Reprehensible"
PolicyMic (May 27, 2013)

"Bloomberg Ricin Attack: Don't Overreact Just Yet"
PolicyMic (May 29, 2013)

"Gun Control Debate 2013: Republicans' 'Slippery Slope' Arguments Show An Ignorance of History"
PolicyMic (June 8, 2013)

"Old Economy Steve Meme: An Absolutely True Criticism Of Baby Boomers and Their Economy"
PolicyMic (June 11, 2013)

"Why Philanthropic Ozwald Boateng is Angelina Jolie of Fashion Designers" (co-authored with Tillie Adelson
PolicyMic (June 16, 2013) 

"Prop 200 Ruling: Voter Suppression Is Just 21st Century Racism"
PolicyMic (June 17, 2013)

"5 Reasons Why Libertarians Are The Hipsters of U.S. Politics"
PolicyMic (June 17, 2013) 

"Dear Obama: Stop Acting Like Dick Cheney - Sincerely, Liberals Everywhere"
PolicyMic (June 18, 2013), Live Interview with Huffington Post (June 19, 2013)

"The Sad Reason Edward Snowden is Our Generation's Biggest Hero"
PolicyMic (June 19, 2013) 

"3 Ways PRISM and Edward Snowden Have Exposed Obama As a Hypocrite"
PolicyMic (June 23, 2013) 

"3 Ways Police Screw Up Science When Investigating Rape"
PolicyMic (June 24, 2013) 

"Paula Deen and John Galliano Have More in Common Than You Think"
(co-authored with Tillie Adelson
PolicyMic (June 25, 2013) 

"9 Republicans Who Can Give Modern Liberals Hope"
PolicyMic (June 28, 2013) 

"What Men Can Learn From Dustin Hoffman's Tootsie Breakthrough"
PolicyMic (July 11, 2013) 

"'J'Accuse' George Zimmerman"
PolicyMic (July 14, 2013)

"Joe Biden Has Shown He Is Qualified To Be President"
PolicyMic (July 17, 2013), The Morning Call (July 17, 2013),0,2593623.story

"4 Movies So Awful, They're Actually Hilarious"
PolicyMic (July 18, 2013)

"The Obama Speech On Trayvon Martin Was Brutally Honest - And Magnificent"
PolicyMic (July 19, 2013) 

"The Complicated Legacy of Helen Thomas"
PolicyMic (July 20, 2013)

"Top 10 Signs You're In Israel"
PolicyMic (August 1, 2013)

"Imagine What Would Have Happened If John McCain Had Stayed For This Meeting..."
PolicyMic (August 1, 2013) 

"Immigration Reform 2013: Why Did the Media Ignore Yesterday's Rallies?"
PolicyMic (August 6, 2013) 

"Why Liberals Should Celebrate the Christie-Paul Feud"
PolicyMic (August 12, 2013) 

"Eric Holder May Have Just Made One Of The Biggest Decisions in U.S. History, BTW"
PolicyMic (August 12, 2013) 

"This Is The Most Important U.S. President That You've Never Heard About"
PolicyMic (August 20, 2013) 

"Arkansas Passes a Bill That Cracks Down On People With Tattoos, Piercings, and Body Art"
PolicyMic (August 21, 2013) 

"Holy Overreaction, Batman! Why Ben Affleck Deserves A Chance"
PolicyMic (August 24, 2013) 

"Richard Nixon: The Social Liberal Of His Time"
PolicyMic (August 25, 2013) 

"The 10 Best Jack Nicholson Movies Ever"
PolicyMic (September 4, 2013)

"War in Syria Feeds the Military-Industrial Complex - I Wish Ike Were Here"
PolicyMic (September 11, 2013) 

"Why Indie Films Are the Blockbusters of the Future"
PolicyMic (September 12, 2013)

"What This 1898 War Can Teach Obama Today About Syria"
PolicyMic (September 13, 2013) 

"Ted Cruz's 21-Hour Senate Speech Was Full Of a Lot Of Hot Air"
PolicyMic (September 25, 2013) 

"This Tiny Corner of America Can Predict If Democrats Will Win in the Next Election"
PolicyMic (September 30, 2013)

"Government Shutdown: What Would Lincoln Say?"
PolicyMic (October 1, 2013)

"Government Shutdown Question: Would the Founding Fathers Fight Liberalism?"
PolicyMic (October 2, 2013)
* - This editorial is a reposting of a piece first published on March 8, 2012 as
“Memo to Ron Paul and Glenn Beck: America's Founders Were Not Anti-Government”; see above.

"The Government Shutdown Has Created a New Word: Snollygosters"
PolicyMic (October 10, 2013)

"The Disturbing Trend in America We're Not Talking About - Elder Abuse" (co-authored with Ariel Gordon
PolicyMic (October 15, 2013)

"How The Conservative Way Of Thinking Got America Into A Really Big Mess"
PolicyMic (October 16, 2013)

"Obama's Greatness Demonstrated As He Defused the Republican Nuclear Bomb"
 PolicyMic (October 17, 2013)

"Budget, Farm Bill, Immigration Reform: How Republicans Can Save Themselves Post-Shutdown"
PolicyMic (October 18, 2013)

"Inside the Newest Front Lines of the Gay Marriage Revolution"
PolicyMic (October 19, 2013) 

"Apple, Nokia, and Microsoft Unveil Tablets: Can Humans Keep Their Humanity in the Techno Age?
PolicyMic (October 21, 2013) 

"Sick and Tired of Senator Ted Cruz? This Drinking Game is For You!"
PolicyMic (October 25, 2013) 

"Halloween 2013: Top 10 Horror Movies For Every Political Junkie"
PolicyMic (October 28, 2013)

"LETTER: Democratic turnout is the key to Northampton County elections"
The Express Times (November 2, 2013)

"What 'Ender's Game' Teaches Us About ENDA and Homophobia"
PolicyMic (November 3, 2013) 

"Anti-Semitic Bullying Almost Killed Me"
PolicyMic (November 11, 2013)

"Ron Paul Shamefully Absent in History Book on 2012 Election"
PolicyMic (November 12, 2013)

"Why Is This Speech So Famous?"
PolicyMic (November 19, 2013)

"JFK Conspiracy Theories: Should We Pay Attention?"
PolicyMic (November 22, 2013)

Interview with Caira Conner for PolicyMic's "Pundit of the Week" Feature
PolicyMic (November 22, 2013)

"The Lasting Legacy of Kennedy"
Lehigh University News (November 22, 2013)

"'Family Guy' Killed Brian, and Here's Why That Was Brilliant"
PolicyMic (November 25, 2013)

"Why Millennials Should Avoid Getting Sucked Into 'Black Friday'"
PolicyMic (November 27, 2013)

"Black Friday Shopping: Why People Act Like Lunatics"
PolicyMic (November 28, 2013)

"Kalief Browder Spent 3 Years in Jail and No One Knows Why"
PolicyMic (December 2, 2013)

"The Anti-Obamacare Ads Have Been Nothing But Fear-Mongering Drivel"
PolicyMic (December 4, 2013)

"Why Conservatives Will Deeply Regret Coining The Term 'Obamacare'"
PolicyMic (December 4, 2013)

"What It's Like Dating With Asperger's"
PolicyMic (December 4, 2013)
Salon (December 6, 2013)

"15 Weird Things More Likely Than a Bill Making It Through This Congress"
PolicyMic (December 5, 2013)

"If Nelson Mandela Was a 'Terrorist,' As Some Claim, Then So Was George Washington"
PolicyMic (December 9, 2013)

"Pope Francis' TIME POTY Should Be Welcomed By Liberal Infidels"
PolicyMic (December 11, 2013)

"10 Reasons Christmas Kicks Ass - By a Jew"
PolicyMic (December 16, 2013)

"Netflix Mitt Romney Documentary Shows Never-Before Seen Human Side"
PolicyMic (December 19, 2013)

"Brian Boitano Gay: Queue the South Park Ballad!"
PolicyMic (December 19, 2013)

"Watch the North Pole Lose More Than Half Its Ice in 40 Seconds"
PolicyMic (December 23, 2013)

"Listen To Kanye and 6 Other Resolutions Obama Needs To Regain His Mojo"
PolicyMic (December 31, 2013)

"If You Believed the '37 Dead in Marijuana Overdose' Hoax, You Should Be Ashamed"
PolicyMic (January 4, 2014)

"Why All Americans Must Unite Behind Rand Paul's Anti-NSA Lawsuit"
PolicyMic (January 4, 2014)

"Freakout Over Gay Marriage in Utah Resurrects Ghosts From America's Past"
PolicyMic (January 7, 2014)

"J. P. Morgan Exec Explains How To Survive College in Epic Company-Wide Email" (an introduction to an article written by Michael Cembalest)
PolicyMic (January 9, 2014)

"Ariel Sharon Was Just Like Another Complicated World Leader: Richard Nixon"
PolicyMic (January 11, 2014)

"There's a Second Chris Christie Scandal That Will Kill His Presidential Hopes For Good"
PolicyMic (January 13, 2014)

"15 Corporations With Huge Skeletons in Their Closet"
PolicyMic (January 14, 2014)

"Mississippi is Stripping Prisoners of Their Right to Family Visits For Political Reasons"
PolicyMic (January 17, 2014)

"You'd Never Believe What Kind Of Economics MLK Believed In"
PolicyMic (January 20, 2014)

"Watch As These Conservatives Recycle the World's Worst Talking Point"
PolicyMic (January 21, 2014)

"Watch the One-Minute Ad That Sparked a Revolution"
PolicyMic (January 23, 2014)

"Netflix's New Mitt Romney Doc, Summed Up in One Dumb GIF"
PolicyMic (January 27, 2014)

"This Venture Capitalist Thinks Occupy Wall Street and Nazis Have a Lot in Common"
PolicyMic (January 28, 2014

"58 Republicans Supported Increasing the Minimum Wage When Bush Was President"
PolicyMic (January 28, 2014)

"RadioShack's Super Bowl Ad is Amazing For Anyone Who Remembers the 80s"
PolicyMic (February 2, 2014)

"Occupy Wall Street shapes debate about income gap"
The Morning Call (February 9, 2014),0,5545879.story

"5 Ways Conservative Media is Getting 'The Hillary Papers' All Wrong"
PolicyMic (February 11, 2014)

"A HUGE Gay Rights Battle Was Just Won in Kentucky. This is a Really Big Deal."
PolicyMic (February 12, 2014)

"If 'You Pay A Million In Taxes, You Get A Million Votes.' Yes, A U.S. Billionaire Just Said That"
PolicyMic (February 14, 2014)

"Rand Paul's Republican Revolution Should Be a Wake-Up Call For Democrats"
PolicyMic (February 19, 2014)

"What the 20-Something Nostalgia Obsession Means About Growing Up"
PolicyMic (February 21, 2014)

"The Pentagon Just Announced Something No Millennial Has Ever Experienced"
PolicyMic (February 24, 2014)
Appearance on Channel 69 - WFMZ (February 25, 2014):

"What The Research Really Says About Gay Parents and Kids"
PolicyMic (February 25, 2014)

"NFL Players Getting Fined for Racial Slurs Exposes a Massive Oversight"
PolicyMic (February 28, 2014)

"How Well Do You Know U.S. History? Take the Quiz"
PolicyMic (March 3, 2014)

"There Are 939 Active Hate Groups in the United States. Here's Where They Live."
PolicyMic (March 7, 2014)

"LETTER: No place for McCarthyism in minimum-wage debate."
The Express Times (March 7, 2014)

"Rand Paul and Libertarians Are Looking More and More Like the Future Of the Republican Party"
PolicyMic (March 9, 2014)

"Obama's FunnyOrDie Sketch Proves There Are Other Ways To Push Ideas In Beyond Fear And Anger"
PolicyMic (March 11, 2014)

"10 Ways Ronald Reagan Isn't the Hero the GOP Thinks He Is"
PolicyMic (March 14, 2014)

"The Creator of Westboro Baptist Used to Be a Die-Hard Civil Rights Fighter - What Happened?"
PolicyMic (March 16, 2014)

"11 Quirky Things You Never Knew About America's Presidents"
PolicyMic (March 18, 2014)

"Which Famous President Is Just Like You? Take the Quiz"
PolicyMic (March 24, 2014)

"Why Even Some Liberals and Independents Are Refusing to Sign Up For Obamacare"
PolicyMic (March 31, 2014)

"Jenny McCarthy Wants to Save Me From My Autism, But She Just Doesn't Get It"
PolicyMic (April 2, 2014)

"If Politicians Were Paid Based on Real Accomplishments, Here's What They'd Earn"
PolicyMic (April 10, 2014)

"These Are The TV Characters Getting Asperger's Wrong, From Someone Who Has It"
PolicyMic (April 10, 2014)

"I'm the Victim of an Anti-Semitic Hate Crime - Here's What I Say About Kansas"
PolicyMic (April 14, 2014)