Friday, March 27, 2009

Jettisoning Chris Dodd

In 2006, the Democratic left (a.k.a "The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party") decided to jettison one of its own, a wayward United States Senator who had abandoned liberal ideals. That man was Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, who was held accountable for his support of Bush's Iraq war policies by being defeated in the Democratic party's senatorial primary that year to Ned Lamont.
Now it is time for liberals to take the same approach toward Connecticut's other Senator, Christopher Dodd. As has been made increasingly clear, it was Senator Dodd who was responsible for inserting into the AIG contract that clause which allowed them to use taxpayer funds to give $165 million in bonuses to 73 of their employees employees, many of whom were directly responsible for the actions that caused our economic collapse (including several that aren't even American citizens). While America may ultimately be unable to force accountability on the AIG employees who absconded (in spirit if not substance) with the public's money, it can impose it on the politicians who gave them the bag in which they stuffed our money. More than anyone else, that politician was Chris Dodd.
Senator Dodd has betrayed the interests of his constituents just as seriously as did Lieberman way back in the ancient days of George W. Bush, and as he is up for re-election in 2010, it is vital that the Democratic Party make it clear that his ideals are no more welcome in our ranks then are Lieberman's. That is why I hope either Ned Lamont or some other progressive both challenges and defeats Chris Dodd in the 2010 Democratic senatorial primary, as well as goes on to win the general election in November. Should the Democratic party allow Dodd to serve another term, it will call into question their motives for so passionately hating one malefactor (Lieberman) while displaying much milder animosity toward another (Dodd).

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