Friday, July 17, 2009

The Danger

David Duke, for those of you who are unaware of him, is a Louisiana Republican who has sought (and thankfully suffered defeat) for offices ranging from United States Senator to Governor in that state. He is also an outspoken white supremacist and former KKK Grand Wizard, distinctions that earned him great notoriety during his heyday in the late-1980s and early-1990s. Yet although his peak is more than a decade behind him, he is still a popular figure on any circuit that promotes racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, hatred of Latinos, and homophobia.

I mention all of this because the following editorial was written by Duke during the 2008 presidential election. Key excerpts from the piece are posted below; I have refrained from providing a link to the original web source, as I do not want to even indirectly encourage the dissemination of this vile hate speech.

The Greatest Danger from Obama: Assassination!
The greatest danger to European Americans is not the possible election of Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States. A far greater catastrophe would be his assassination... The most severe danger posed by Obama as the Democratic Party nominee or as President of the United States, is the serious prospect of his assassination.The assassination of Obama would be an evil deed, a terrible tragedy for him and his family. Also, I can’t imagine an event that would cause greater damage to White Americans.If that terrible event happens, God forbid, I frankly believe it would trigger the transformation of America into a Soviet-Style state with brutal and draconian suppression of American civil liberties, rights and freedoms.I think this is true especially if the assassin were a deranged White person. However, great damage would be done even if the assassin were a member of a minority race.I am old enough to remember the shock and horror of the Kennedy assassination. At the time of his death the people of the South overwhelmingly despised Kennedy. He was loved by a segment of Americans, but he was detested by just as many Americans who hated his plans to change our immigration laws and open our borders. Millions thought rightly that his proposals for forced integration and busing would eviscerate the nation’s public school systems, destroy the vitality of our inner cities and result in massive criminal victimization of Whites. His unpopularity was shown even on the day he died, for the streets of Dallas were practically empty as his fateful motorcade went past. The assassination changed all that.Even before it was alleged that a radical communist who had traveled to Cuba and Soviet Russia had done the foul deed, newspapers headlined, “Hate killed Kennedy.”Before his assassination, Kennedy’s immigration reform bill was dead in the water. His Immigration Reform Act was a bill that discriminated against European immigration and favored Third World immigration. Kennedy’s also sponsored forced integration initiatives, so-called “civil rights legislation.” They also languished in congress. The great majority of Congress opposed these racist, anti-White bills. Prophetic senators and congressmen said that the legislation would actually diminish the civil rights of Whites and eventually result in massive discrimination against European Americans. Time has proven them painfully correct.After the fatal bullets were fired in Dallas, even though the alleged communist assassin supported those very same leftist policies, it was only a matter of time before all of Kennedy’s pernicious legislation passed and America was well on the road to demographic Armageddon. The Kennedy assassination also brought on the first laws in violation of the Second Amendment, our vital right to keep and bear arms. It also brought a change to American policy toward Israel. Perhaps one redeeming trait of Kennedy was his intense opposition to Israel getting the atomic bomb. My good friend Mike Piper of the Barnes Review, in his books, shows the involvement of many Israeli operatives in the very center of the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination.In America today, the chief advocates of laws to end constitutionally guaranteed free speech have been Jewish led groups such as the ADL (anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith) and the Southern Poverty Law Center. They have supported so-called hate laws that have literally criminalized politically incorrect thoughts.If Obama were to be assassinated, I believe that draconian laws would be enacted in America much like that in Europe where simply speaking about racial realities would become a criminal offense. I believe that there would be successful efforts to restrict freedom of speech on the Internet, and I think the powers that be would use such laws to stifle and criminalize criticism of Israel and Jewish extremism.There is another very scary scenario we should all consider. We cannot put anything past our enemies. Israel has a record of committing terrorism against the United States. The Israeli terrorist attacks in the Lavon Affair and the Attack on the USS Liberty are indisputable facts of history. The Israeli treachery against America in the Jonathan Pollard Case is undeniable. There is no doubt that Israel’s intelligence is ruthless enough to do any deed, no matter how foul in the service of the Jewish supremacist agenda.We also are aware of the plentiful evidence that Israel had a role in the 9-11 tragedy. The facts are indisputable that the Mossad shadowed and wire-tapped Mohammed Atta and at least half of the alleged hijackers for months prior to the attack. They were certainly in position to know about the attacks ahead of time. We also know that on the day of the 9-11 attack 5 Mossad agents were arrested by the FBI filming and celebrating the attacks on the WTC as they occurred. Why would Mossad agents in America be filming and cheering the attack s unless they had prior knowledge and saw it as “mission accomplished”? As Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted in The NY Times just a day after the 9-11, “the attacks were good for Israel.” Of course, as horrific as 9-11 was for America, it was a godsend for Israel. It took the world’s attention off the murders of war criminal, Ariel Sharon. It made the world turn a blind eye to Israel’s systematic destruction of the emerging Palestinian State. It upped the ante for unquestioned, massive American monetary and military support of Israel. Finally, it enabled Israeli Partisans in media and government to embark America on a catastrophic war against Israel’s enemy: Iraq.It would not be hard for a sophisticated intelligence agency to find some deranged loser, ply him with money and set him out to do an evil deed of murder, of political assassination. Over the next few months it would be naive not to consider the possibility of this rogue state’s potential to do evil.The most radical Jewish supremacist feel more comfortable with McCain’s much longer record of subservience to Israel, and in an effort to consolidate their grip of power in an increasingly totalitarian America, who knows what Israeli intelligence might do. Their record is not in the least reassuring.If Israel decides to embark upon it, there is not much we can do to prevent such an Israeli scenario,If some nut somewhere in an increasingly Hollywoodized and crazified America assassinates Obama, we have no affect on that.But there are some things we can do, and some things we must do.Everyone in this Movement for European-American rights and heritage must understand that an assassination of Barack Obama would be an evil act, catastrophic act for White Americans.Understand that anyone who is even remotely associated with our ideas who would promote any thoughts of violence or vicious or truly hateful rhetoric is either working for the other side or is so stupid he should be. Either way, we must protect ourselves from such psychopaths.Internet Chats are basically anonymous, and they are perfect pathways of Black propaganda. You never know for sure who is posting on any site.For instance, if someone is a secret operative and he wanted to really hurt Obama he could place posts on Obama’s websites openly supporting anti-White policies or justifying violence against Whites. It would be wrong to do that and such tactics are completely unnecessary, for there are acres of clear evidence of Obama’s racist sentiments and affiliations.The same kind of vulnerability existing for Obama also is true for White activist sites. Our enemies can anonymously and easily plant hateful and violent rhetoric which can be easily used by the powerful mainstream media to demonize us. We should keep our eyes open for inflammatory, clearly hateful, expletive or violent rhetoric. Such should be moderated and forcefully condemned.If the worst would happen, and Obama would be assassinated, it would be an incalculable tragedy. Hateful or violent rhetoric would be dragged up and used in a direct assault against every White activist organization. Just as important, millions of our people would be stripped of their psychological moral defenses. To even simply say that White people should have human rights too would be viewed as some sort of justification of murder. The media would depict White activists as synonymous with a murderer of a man often portrayed by the media as the Second Coming.It would usher in a media hate fest against the European American people and those of us who are activists for our rights and heritage, it would accelerate every government policy for the destruction of our people, and it would spur on the greatest suppression of freedom in American history.It is vital that all awakened European Americans understand these fundamental things. All of us must think, speak and act morally and ethically, and we must repeat again and again our opposition to any sort of violence against anyone, and reiterate again and again how any sort of plot against Obama would be evil as well as being catastrophic for our own people.Hopefully, the worst will not happen.But, I have learned long ago, that our enemies are capable of doing the most evil things imaginable to advance their agenda.Vigilance as always, is the cost of freedom!Be what we European people are naturally: fair-minded, decent and moral. At the same time we must be unselfishly and courageously dedicated to the heritage and rights of our people.Thanks for being with me today, and thank you for having the ability to think independently.

While the obsessive-compulsive in me wants to take issue with Duke's poor grammar, I shall instead focus on the real horror to be found in this post. For months there have been reports of neo-Nazi and other racist groups wanting to take the life of this nation's first black president. Shortly before the November election, two young men were arrested for plotting just such an assassination; since then dozens of stories have come to the public's attention about a veritable menagerie of hatemongers. From countless websites talking about how murdering Obama would be "tyrannicide" to bombastic paranoia that declares Obama to be a "socialist" and "dictator" to the monsters who imply or openly state that Obama's race will somehow affect his policies and/or his ability to be president, there has been no deficit of zealots and lesser kooks eager to revile the hapless Illinoisan. For those who doubt the seriousness of this threat, one need only look at James von Brunn, an 88-year-old man whose admiration for the philosophy of Hitler prompted him to pen several racist tracts (including the anti-Semitic book Kill The Best Gentiles and Jew-baiting website The Holy Western Empire, as well as numerous writings denouncing African-Americans). When von Brunn finally decided to shoot an African-American guard named Stephen Tyrone Johns at the United States Holocaust Museum last month, he did so because "The Holocaust is a lie. Obama was created by Jews. Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do. Jews captured America's money. Jews control the mass media."

Yet although white supremacists are malevolent, they're not stupid. Men like David Duke know perfectly well that there are many among their ranks who are prone to violence, and that of these more than a few have openly professed a desire to murder President Obama. Those of them old enough to remember the backlash against the right-wing following the Kennedy assassination (which Duke is correct in pointing out was committed by a Communist, not a conservative), or who simply have a fundamental understanding of human nature, can also figure out that a vicious backlash against white supremacists of all shapes and stripes will no doubt ensue if one of their own actually succeeds in assassinating Barack Obama. In short, should the vitriol that they have fermented with such deliberation actually intoxicate one of its imbibers into doing the unthinkable, David Duke and his ilk know that they need to be ready.

Not surprisingly, this readiness has already manifested itself in one of their most common fail-safes - blaming it on the Jews. In his article David Duke plays on many of the most pernicious anti-Semitic tropes (that Jews control the media, that Jews control politics, the Jews were behind 9/11, Jews harm America to advance their own interests because they are more loyal to their own tribe then to their country, et cetera) in order to lay the foundations for a conspiracy theory about Jewish involvement in a potential Obama assassination. Posting this article early was indeed a brilliant maneuver, for it puts him in a win/win situation with his followers: If Obama is never assassinated by a white supremacist, Duke still will have scored brownie points for sticking it to African-Americans and Jews, and if something does happen, Duke will already have a pre-prepared libel that exonerates his people, allows him to further attack one of his favorite targets, and most important of all, enables him to crow about how he must be right because he wrote about it before it happened.

What makes this especially vile is the disingenuous nature of it all. Given how vociferous white supremacists have been in expressing how much they hate President Obama, his administration (many of whom, like Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Lawrence Summers, and Peter Orszag, are well-known to be Jewish), and everything Obama and his followers represent, the professions of not wanting him to die ring very hollow. Their partisanship is not of the erudite, intellectually methodical sort utilized by Peggy Noonan and George F. Will, of the shrill variety preferred by Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly, or even of the belligerent stemwinding favored by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. As angry as those conservatives may be at President Obama, none of them have ever said anything that could be construed as implying that Obama should be killed. Duke and his supporters, on the other hand, have used language that vilifies Obama in such stark terms that those who take them seriously are almost left with no other choice but to believe that the unthinkable must be done. Although I am usually reluctant to throw out such extreme language, the only word that accurately describes what David Duke has done here is the big four-letter epithet, "evil".

If I were President Obama's Secret Service detail, I would keep a close eye on anyone who visits these websites. They've got a little bit of hate-speech against blacks here, a pinch of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorizing there, some old-fashioned red-baiting to spice things up, and now this heap of bovine scatology to throw the stink of guilt away from themselves. When a group sees fit to assemble this batch of ingredients, one has to wonder just what exactly they're cooking up.

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