Friday, July 3, 2009

How Well Everyone Else Knows Me

Several weeks ago, I created a "How well do you know Matthew Rozsa?" quiz on Facebook. The answers that people gave to the twenty questions asked therein provide an interesting insight into how I am viewed by the rest of the world. While I won't tell you which answers were correct, some of them can be figured out simply by looking at the information in the preceding article.

1. What is Matthew Rozsa's favorite movie?
Revenge of the Nerds (0%)
The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie (12%)
Network (35%)
The American President (35%)
About Schmidt (18%)

2. In which states did Matthew Rozsa live as a child (birth to high school)?
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland (6%)
Pennsylvania (41%)
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida (6%)
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (29%)
New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida (18%)

3. For which third-party candidate would Matthew Rozsa have voted?
William Wirt in 1832 (0%)
Martin Van Buren in 1848 (41%)
John Breckinridge in 1860 (6%)
Henry Wallace in 1948 (41%)
Ross Perot in 1992 (12%)

4. What would Matthew Rozsa do if a burglar entered his apartment*?
Cry like a baby and somehow get shot (12%)
Grab a bread knife (6%)
Grab a decent knife (6%)
Call the police (6%)
Attempt to barter with them (71%)

5. Who did Matthew Rozsa play in the 2004 mock Democratic debate*?
John Kerry (29%)
Wesley Clark (0%)
Joseph Lieberman (29%)
John Edwards (29%)
Howard Dean (12%)

6. What is Matthew Rozsa's favorite short story?
"The Death of Ivan Ilych" by Leo Tolstoy (29%)
"The Yellow Face" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (18%)
"The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (6%)
"The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson (29%)
"The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe (18%)

7. Which of these political positions does NOT apply to Matthew Rozsa*?
Pro-choice (0%)
Pro-gay marriage (0%)
Feminist (24%)
Supports intervening in Pakistan (59%)
Anti-death penalty (18%)

8. Which of these does Matthew Rozsa NOT hate?
Hamas (6%)
Richard Dawkins (35%)
City rats (41%)
People who talk in movie theaters (12%)
The smugness of most Ron Paul supporters (6%)

9. Which of these is NOT a title for a Matthew Rozsa story idea?
To Monsters (0%)
Best (35%)
Falling Off The Floor (18%)
Junius Priscus (12%)
Leaving Buffalo (35%)

10. Which of these is NOT one of Matthew Rozsa's big neurotic fears*?
Swine flu (35%)
Meningitis (18%)
Myocardial infarction (6%)
Cancer (18%)
Loss of intellectual abilities (24%)

11. Which of these jobs did Matthew Rozsa most hate?
National Canal Museum (6%)
Burger King (53%)
Department of Veterans Affairs (29%)
TransPerfect Translations (6%)
Center for Curatorial Studies (6%)

12. What is Matthew Rozsa's favorite number?
8 (29%)
12 (18%)
24 (0%)
3.14.... (47%)
0 (6%)

13. What is Matthew Rozsa's favorite beer?
Yvengling (12%)
Guinness (29%)
Coors (0%)
Heinken (18%)
Samuel Adams (41%)

14. Who is Matthew Rozsa's favorite president*?
George Washington (6%)
Thomas Jefferson (12%)
Abraham Lincoln (18%)
Theodore Roosevelt (12%)
Franklin Roosevelt (53%)

15. Which of these things has Matt NOT done to annoy Regina*?
Ask "Why were you bald as a baby?" (12%)
Make her dance like an organ-grinder monkey (18%)
Echo whatever she happens to say (0%)
Squirt her with whipped cream while she sleeps (53%)
Falsely accuse her of possessing girly attributes (18%)

16. Which historical figure is the hero of Matthew Rozsa's story "Cotulla"?
Cesar Chavez (6%)
Lyndon Johnson (29%)
Abraham Lincoln (0%)
Zachary Taylor (18%)
The story is cynical and has no heroes. (47%)

17. Who is Matthew Rozsa's favorite playwright*?
Henrik Ibsen (18%)
Tennessee Williams (18%)
Arthur Miller (41%)
William Shakespeare (18%)
Berthold Brecht (6%)

18. What is Matthew Rozsa's favorite football team*?
Philadelphia Eagles (24%)
New York Giants (18%)
Green Bay Packers (41%)
Dallas Cowboys (0%)
New York Jets (18%)

19. What is Matthew Rozsa's favorite TV show?
The Twilight Zone (29%)
Seinfeld (24%)
Family Guy (18%)
King of the Hill (12%)
SpongeBob Squarepants (18%)

20. Which of these insults has Matthew Rozsa NOT been called*?
Communist (6%)
Pompous (0%)
Conformist (71%)
Obnoxious (0%)
Beady-Eyed (24%)

* - When the percentages don't add up to one hundred, it is because of the inevitable numerical consequences of constantly having to round up or down.

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