Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Caves of Midras

First, the Facebook status:

This picture shows Regina and myself in the limestone caves of Midras, which were used by our Hebrew ancestors in their rebellion against Rome and then, later on, as a place to raise pigeons. To get to this particular cave, though, I had to crawl on my belly through an endless maze of narrow tunnels. My guide assured me that the experience would lead to self-discovery, and so it did: Apparently, I'm claustrophobic.

Here are the comments:

Three things to notice:

1) Regina's disgustingly perky demeanor. She actually LIKES physical activity. Bah!
2) The square pens carved into the rock right above my head. This is where the ancient Hebrews would raise their pigeons.
3) My pathetic attempt to use a tiny flashlight and a cell phone camera to record footage of this event. No further comment necessary.

Because the actual skin-crawling experience of being in a deep, dark hole under the earth was not memorable enough for you. You needed a crappy pixelated cell phone video lit by a maglite. You're a man of the times, Matt.

I went cave-exploring in Mexico. My shaky command of the Spanish language resulted in me inadvertently ending up on the "advanced" tour. I emerged 4 hours later, covered from head to toe in bruises and bat sh*t, and resolved never again to partake in any activity which requires me to hold a flashlight in my mouth.

Although there are much more amazing things to note about this picture, I have to say that the highlight for me is the Green Bay shirt you are sporting. The Packers are my team!

If only you also had an appreciation for the New York Yankees, then we would truly be a match made in heaven!

I can see by the look on your face it was not the best of all possible experiences. But you lived to tell, like all great adventures.

I went through a lot of limestone caves in Australia. Its beautiful, but I did not enjoy the experience. Its kind of hard to breath in a cave.

For those interested in seeing it, here is the footage that the above photograph captures me trying to obtain. Needless to say, it is depressingly awful.

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