Sunday, January 3, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

The football fanatic in me couldn't resist offering these predictions regarding the impending playoffs and Super Bowl (although I've opted to stay away from the treacherous terrain of point spreads). Of course, objectivity is a bit difficult here due to my known zealotry for the Green Bay Packers... but I'll endure.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs:
Philadelphia at Dallas (Philadelphia wins)
Green Bay at Arizona (Green Bay wins)

AFC Wild Card Playoffs:
Baltimore at New England (New England wins)
New York at Cincinnati (New York wins)

NFC Divisional Playoffs:
Green Bay at Minnesota (sigh... Minnesota wins)
Philadelphia at New Orleans (sigh again... Philadelphia wins)

AFC Divisional Playoffs:
New England at San Diego (San Diego wins)
New York at Indianapolis (Indianapolis wins)

NFC Conference Championship:
Philadelphia at Minnesota (Minnesota wins)

AFC Conference Championship:
San Diego at Indianapolis (San Diego wins)

Super Bowl XLIV:
San Diego Chargers vs. Minnesota Vikings (San Diego Chargers win)

It pains me to write that; the San Diego Chargers give far more money to the Republican Party than any other franchise in professional football, so the chances are that I'll be rooting for the Minnesota Vikings during the big game itself. Should they appear in the Super Bowl and lose, they will have the dubious distinction of incurring more Super Bowl losses than any other franchise in NFL history (five) - a record they will pick up only a year after the Pittsburgh Steelers became the greatest Super Bowl winners in NFL history (six).

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