Friday, March 5, 2010

A Shocking Revelation recently reported on a breaking news story being published by Politico:

Memo Reveals GOP Plan to Exploit Fear of Obama...

The 72-page document obtained by Politico's Ben Smith (click here to view) lays out a strategy to fan fears that President Barack Obama is moving the country toward socialism.

Here are some other stunning revelations:

- Professional athletes in many of America's most popular sports - such as football, basketball, boxing, and even the all-American pastime itself, baseball - will frequently use steroids and human growth hormones in order to artifically enhance their performance.

- Milli Vanilli never sang their own work - they simply lip synched over other people's voices.

- Historian Stephen Ambrose was a notorious plagiarist, while memoirist James Frey lied about many aspects of his biography.

- Wealthy latter-day debutantes will often deliberately release their "accidental sex tapes" in order to become instant celebrities.

- Bill Clinton lied when he claimed that he "didn't have sexual relations with that woman".

- Saruman betrayed Gandalf and the Fellowship in order to win Sauron's favor.

I will remove my tongue from my cheek just long enough to let you know what I actually think of this story: The only thing shocking about it is the fact that intelligent, fair-minded people actually exist who are surprised by what it reveals.

That said, it does deserve points for honesty.

The PowerPoint presentation uses the words "reactionary" and "ego-driven" on a page describing potential GOP donors.

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