Friday, June 18, 2010

Obama in Arizona: The President We Need

The latest polls on Arizona's new anti-immigration laws - which, by allowing police officers to pull over drivers on suspicion that they are illegal immigrants (i.e., because they look like Latinos - heavily indicate what course of action a politically prudent president should take.

"A new law in Arizona would give police the power to ask people they've stopped to verify their residency status. Supporters say this will help crack down on illegal immigration. Opponents say it could violate civil rights and lead to racial profiling. On balance, do you support or oppose this law?"
Support - 58%
Oppose - 41%

As such, it stands to reason that our current president, Barack Obama, should be foursquare behind the actions of Governor Jan Brewer and the rest of the Arizonans who support this measure. Instead he has proven an outspoken opponent of what they've done, a decision that goes a long way toward explaining the results of this poll:

"Do you approve or disapprove of the way Obama is handling immigration issues?"
Approve - 39%
Disapprove - 51%

To this I have only one thing to say...

Good for you, Barack Obama.

Now there is an update from

Obama administration lawyers are planning to file a legal challenge to a controversial Arizona immigration law within a month, according to a senior administration official.

The Justice Department would not confirm the claim, saying only that "The Justice Department is continuing to review the law."

Federal government lawyers who have been working on the expected challenge for several weeks will most likely file their arguments in federal court in Phoenix in the days leading up to July 28, when the statute is scheduled to take effect, the official said.

Although the Justice Department indicates no final decisions have been made at this point, officials were put on the spot when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a recent television interview in Ecuador the government "will be bringing a lawsuit" in the case.

Administration officials have indicated the question of Arizona usurping federal authority to control the border and enforce immigration law is the most likely federal point of attack against the state law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer earlier this year.

To this, I have only to add:

Best of luck, Barack Obama. I am honored to say that you are my president.

Oh, and if by any chance you actually SUPPORT the Arizona immigration law, please read my elaborate rebuttal of your position, as can be found at these two links:


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